Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thin Lining

CD9, E2 1771, 8 large follies. I'm taking the HCG trigger tonight (no Lupron necessary). I go in for blood work tomorrow. Egg retrieval is scheduled for 9:30am on Tuesday. We need to arrive at 8:30am.

Apparently there was fluid in my lining on previous ultrasounds. It's gone now, but my lining is borderline too low. Apparently it is trilaminar which is good. But I have to have an extra ultrasound before my egg retrieval to check and make sure my lining is thick enough.

I'm guessing this could mean that I might have to do a freeze all... which means that we'd have to wait for the next cycle to transfer anything.

There goes the 2014 NYC Marathon :(


  1. Plump lining thoughts coming your way!

  2. come on lining!! Fluff up!!! GL Cici!!

  3. I'm praying that it gets thicker!!!