Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Garmin is Dead

How appropriate. My Garmin watch won't turn on. Won't take a charge. I think its heart is broken because it was cast to the side.

I'm going for a short, light, easy run today with or without my Garmin. I haven't run since October 2nd. That last run was three miles with Amanda. She filled me in about her vacation to Vegas and the status of our runner friends from Team Bacon. I filled her in on the plans for the cycle. She has been waiting in the wings for my NYC Marathon bib. I'll have to call her to make plans to go to the expo with her that weekend. I have to go to show my ID to get the bib. And then I'll hand it over to her. And I'll probably cry.

I made an appointment with a therapist for this evening. I was talking to him on the phone when scheduling the appointment, and he asked why I was seeking therapy. I could hardly make it through a sentence without crying. I am welling up even just typing this. I am sure I will spend the entire session in tears.

Well, I was able to jiggle my Garmen so that now the screen has changed while it is connected to the charger. It's still not doing what it is supposed to do. But at least it is doing something.


  1. I hope the therapy session did you some good! I cried all the way through my therapy appt too and although I felt slightly embarrassed, it was also nice to get it out.

    I'm so sorry you'll have to hand over the bib to your friend :-( I know that will be so so hard for you but just remember that there will absolutely be many more marathons in your future. One of my favorite quotes works here:

    "Just because something isn't happening for you right now doesn't mean it will never happen."

    I know it's tough right now but I have faith that it will work out for you CC. Sending you big hugs and strength!!! <3

  2. ((HUGS!!)) for so many reasons right now. I really hope the therapy session went well for you.

  3. So sorry, sweets! I hope the therapy can help you get through it and get to the other side of all this! I know the future holds a baby for you! I'm here if you need to talk!

  4. I'm so sorry Cici. I really hope the therapy session helped and allowed you to grieve, get angry, be sad, bawl your eyes out - whatever you need. I'm sorry you have to hand over your bib for the marathon, that must be hard for you. I'm thinking about you and sending lots of love your way. (((Hugs)))