Saturday, February 21, 2015

16 Week Growth Scan

Our appointment at the OB for the 16 week growth scan went really well. It was the first time that we went to a baby-related appointment and didn't come out with a new risk or concern to worry about. Thank goodness!

The Wharton jelly cysts seem to be gone now - whew! The ultrasound tech couldn't get a look at the entire umbilical cord because the baby was moving around so quickly, but we did get to see the section closest to the baby. That's where the cysts were noted last time, and there were none to be seen this time. HOORAY!

The baby's growth is right on track and we heard the heartbeat going strong at 136bpm. We've been listening on the home doppler, and I just love that sound!! I made a recording on my cell phone, and then on Valentine's Day, we went to Build-a-Bear and recorded the sound to be stuffed inside of an adorable puppy dog. It's so sweet that we can press a button and hear that glorious sound anytime we want :)

My MFM asked for my cervix to be measured as a baseline. I think he is just being ultra cautious, which I appreciate. At this stage of the game, they're looking for a measurement over 3.5cm. Mine is an overachiever at 4.7cm. I'm so thankful that this is not an area we have to be concerned about. They will continue to monitor my cervix just in case, but I'm feeling good about it (and a whole lot less paranoid about going for a run!! Now, if we could just get the ice outta here!).

Before starting the ultrasound, the tech said that she wasn't specifically looking for the sex of the baby, but if she happened to see it, did we want to know? I got a huge grin on my face and said, yes please!! I always thought that I would want to be surprised at the birth, but this pregnancy feels different to me. When we first thought that we would be having twins, John & I decided that we would find out. And then when we lost our angel, and it turned into a singleton pregnancy, I was still invested in finding out. I also had to disconnect myself from the pregnancy for a while to protect my heart while I grieved. I thought that finding out the sex of the baby would help me to connect a little more.

I was right! Now that we know, this pregnancy is finally starting to feel real! Wait, wait... did you miss the big announcement? No :) I'm just being dramatic!

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!