Thursday, October 10, 2013

Keep that Phone Quiet

My doctor told me after egg retrieval that if we get a call from him within the next five days, we should sit down because it's not good news. My heart leaped into my throat this morning when i was driving to work and the phone rang. Thank god it was just a colleague calling to ask me to cover her morning duty!!

So far, so good. No calls from the doctor or embryologists. I have to call tomorrow morning at 8:30am to find out if we'll do a 3- or 5-day transfer. From my understanding, if there are less than four embryos at that point, then we will do the three day transfer. If four or more remain, then they'll let them keep growing until Sunday and we'll transfer the best two embryos. Nervous doesn't begin to describe how I feel!!

I keep using Google Maps on my phone to point myself in the directions of my embryos and send them all the loving, growing vibes I can :) I even asked John to wave as he passed by the exit on his way to work. He said, "You're not going cooky on me, now are you?" Ummmm.... have you been paying attention recently?! LOL.


  1. FX your phone doesn't ring today and you get good news in the morning!!! I have everything crossed for you!!!


    Grow little embies. GROW!!