Friday, October 11, 2013


The most beautiful 14 cells I have ever seen in my entire life <3
I am officially PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)!! I called the lab this morning and they told me that the transfer would be today. I wasn't exactly thrilled at first that we were having a three day transfer, but you know what... Everything has always gone perfectly in the past and it didn't work. So what if this isn't ideal? It is still a million times closer we have ever come to actually achieving pregnancy! I hope so hard that this works.

The two above pre-embryos are the strongest two of the six. They are 7 cells each (normal range for day three is 6-10 cells). The remaining four embabies are still in the lab being observed. They are slow growers and are each 4-5 cells. Hopefully they will catch up and make it to freeze. We will find out if we get a call on Sunday or Monday [no call means they didn't make it :( ...].

To my dear embryos,
Please, please, please stick around. I promise to give you the best I can for the rest of my life. I love you!!


  1. awwww!! I love your message to your little embies!!! I may have to steal that one day = ) Everything is crossed for you cici!!

  2. They're so cute!! I have absolutely everything crossed for you, Cici!! Stick little embies!!

  3. Congrats on PUPO status! Hope soon you are simply PG status!