Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Six Little Embies Growing in a Dish

Yesterday was the egg retrieval, and things went very smoothly from what I can tell. John & I arrived at the office at 8:25am and were taken back to prep for surgery about 15 minutes after that. I had to change out of my clothes and empty my bladder three times before going into the OR. I didn't even know my bladder had anything in it because I hadn't had anything to eat or drink since about 11:00pm the night before!

The nurse sat down with me and went through all of the pre-opp paper work. I got a lovely sticker for my forehead (a thermometer) and a hair net too. She did a baseline of my vital signs and asked if I exercised a lot. John told her that I was a marathon runner which explained my low resting heart rate. I was instructed to take Pepcid and Vistaril the night and morning before to help with nausea (I had some wicked nausea after the laparoscopy). Then came the most dreaded part: the IV. Yuck, yuck, yuck, I hate IVs. It hurt. And remained uncomfortable the entire time it was in me. Even still, I have a bruise. I was given some Tums to chew (as my breakfast, haha!) and then off we went to the OR.

When I got in there, they were working so efficiently to get me set up. It was really overwhelming! The anesthesiologist started asking me questions about my honeymoon (presumably to distract me and get me talking so she could do her job). "We went to Hawaii... Maui, Kauai and one day on Honolulu... we did it all: scuba diving, helicopter ride, zip lining..." OUT COLD!

Next, I was waking up in the recovery room. The nurse came in to report that they retrieved 10 eggs! Yay!! After a few minutes, the nurse propped me up a bit and gave me some ginger ale and crackers. John was starving so I shared with him (why didn't he think to have breakfast?!?!) and I'm happy to report that I felt no nausea! The doctor came in to speak to us. I asked him why we only get one call from the embryologist. He said that we don't want a call especially from him within the next five days. If he calls, we should sit down. Yikes! Ok, please don't call me!!

After emptying my almost empty bladder yet again, the nurses instructed me to get dressed and I was released. I sent a few quick updates to the Dreamers, and when we got home, I knocked the eff out!! I tried to have some more crackers while lying in bed... I literally fell asleep mid-chew. When I woke up, I had half an eaten cracker in one hand, a glass of water in the other, and a mostly chewed but not yet swallowed cracker in my mouth. LOL!

I was awake for a few hours, and gave some more updates to the Dreamers and the IF and 3T boards on The Bump. My friend even shouted me out on SAIF! So much love was pouring in!! Then I knocked out again and was out for the rest of the night (thankfully no crackers in my mouth this time).

I woke up this morning, and checked my ringer about 10 times, charged my phone, and then sat and stared at it until it rang. I was supposed to get a call between 8-10:00am this morning from the embryologist. This would be the only call that I would get unless they instructed me to call again. Otherwise, I wouldn't get to speak to the embryologist until the day of transfer.

The call came quickly: 6 mature eggs, 6 fertilized (3 with ICSI and 3 with traditional IVF, therefore we will not need ICSI in the future). I am to call the Somerset Office on Friday morning at 8:30am for an additional report. If there are two that stand out at that point (ei: if there are less than four remaining...) then they'll do the transfer on Friday. But if they're all looking good, then we'll do the transfer on Sunday.

Ideally, we will make it to a 5-day transfer. I am hoping, wishing, and praying that our six little embryos are growing stronger by the minute. I MISS THEM!!! I feel so weird knowing that they're not in my body anymore!!

Dear Embryos,
With so much love it makes me want to cry,
Your Mama xoxo


  1. You're ending note to your embies made me teary. Grow, embies, grow!!!! <3

  2. grow! grow! grow embies!! grow!

  3. Love your note <3 FX for you and your embies!!!