Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Feel Like It Is Over

9dp3dt, BFN on a FRER. I think it is over. Waiting for beta on Tuesday to confirm.

So I guess after that, we'll have a WTF meeting. The problem is not John. His SA has always been top notch. Fertilization is not it... all six mature eggs fertilized. Egg quality... my thin lining... it's me. I am the problem.


  1. Big hug to you CiCi. I am keeping my FX for you, but I understand the need to start looking towards the future. I also understand feeling like you are the problem. With our fairly low ICSI fert rates and poor quality embryos last cycle, everything is pointing at an egg quality issue for us. What you can't do is beat yourself up, even if it is an egg quality issue, it's not your fault, it's bad luck. Try to stay strong.

  2. Hugs hugs.
    I have everything crossed for you.
    Sending lots of love.

  3. ((hugs)). I still have everything crossed for you, Cici. When I lost all hope before our break, one of the Dreamers told me that even though I have lost all faith in it working out, she would hold on to it for me. So, that's what I am doing for you right now. It's not your fault hun. I know it feels like it is, but its not. <3

  4. I still have everything crossed for you, Cici, and am sending so many good thoughts your way. (((Hugs))) <3

  5. Keep your head up! FX that it's still too early, but if that's not the case, keep your faith in your RE that they will be able to tweak the protocol for a better lining and such next cycle. Sending you many good thoughts.... From one of "Ducky's" buddies on SAIF (where we WILL see you at some point!!!)

  6. I'm so sorry Cici. I am still hoping and wishing for you. Please don't put the blame on yourself. That's too much pressure to carry on your little shoulders. If is was a sperm issue, you wouldn't blame your husband? Please don't place that blame on yourself when you know he doesn't blame you.
    Huge hugs to you.