Monday, October 7, 2013

Feeling Better!

I went in for blood work this morning and saw my doctor while he was in between exams. He is generally pretty quiet and doesn't show much emotion, but as I was walking into the lab he was all smiles. He popped his head in and asked me how I was doing. I told him that I was doing ok, but feeling nervous about what Dr. R had said to me on the phone last night. He looked confused so I went on to say that I had fluid in my lining earlier in my cycle and that my lining was borderline too thin, so she requested another ultrasound before egg retrieval. He went to look at my file, and when he came back he said that he wasn't concerned in the least. Apparently the fluid is something that happens, but it won't cause us any problems since it has resolved. He also feels that my lining is fine and that it is measuring according to its normal pattern. Big, huge sigh of relief!

I sat down for a minute with the nurse to sign the pre-opp release and get instructions for tomorrow. No food or drink after midnight tonight, I have to take a few Pepcids and Vistarils after dinner, John will drive me and stay with me for the next 24 hours, no make-up or jewelry (wedding rings are fine), no scented lotions, yada yada... EEEEEEEE!!! My egg retrieval is TOMORROW!

Thank you, blog stalkers, for your continual positive thoughts and good vibes :) I am feeling the love! And I'm also feeling a lot better than I did yesterday. ((hugs)) to you all!


  1. EEEEEK, I can't believe your ET is tomorrow!! I hope everything goes smoothly! I am rooting so hard for you!!! <3

  2. AHHHH!!! So happy for you!! Hope all goes well tomorrow!!