Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Surprise! Surprise!

Don't get too excited. It's not THAT surprise (dammit, I wish). There's actually no surprise here whatsoever. Of course I over responded to the (too high) dosage of Follistim. I don't know why my doctor started me out with two nights of 150iu especially after my crazy high response to all three clomid cycles.

I got a call from the nurse on CD5 after my blood work to decrease my dosage to 100iu then 75iu the next two nights. I asked what my E2 levels were... at baseline on CD2 it was 36 and on CD5 after only two doses of Follistim it was 290. Yeesh! Ok, so lower dose and an ultrasound with more blood work in two days. 

That brings us to today, CD7. My ultrasound showed SEVEN measurable follies. One on my left side (13mm) and six on my right side (13, 12, 14, 14, 10 and ??mm). Krikey!!

The doctor told me that he'd call me after he looked at my blood work, but there was a chance that we might have to cancel my IUI. If all seven follies matured and released eggs... well, I'd rather not be an incubator for seven fetuses for nine months (let alone sell my soul to be able to afford seven children). But of course I felt defeated at the thought that we might get canceled. 

The good news was that my E2 was only up to 570. My doctor explained that he likes to see that number stay under 1,000. So he feels we still have some room to work with. He prescribed me to take the Cetrotide to slow things down and 50iu of Follistim this evening. Tomorrow I go back for another ultrasound and blood work. 

There's still a chance that we may get canceled (like if I have more than 3-4 mature follies or my E2 level goes over 1,000) but my doctor seems to think we will be good to go for our IUI on either Saturday or Sunday. That means that if this cycle is a bust (please no!!) then it will be the shortest cycle in my whole life. The IUI will be on CD10 or 11, plus an 11 day LP... I hope we make it beyond CD21 (as in, pleeeease let me get KU from this!!!). 

Wish me luck that we don't get canceled!!

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  1. Crossing everything that you don't get canceled AND that this is your cycle! FX!!!!