Saturday, August 24, 2013

Injects in da House

Today goes down in the history books as the most expensive day of the 2013 Team Zazza Summer. I am so thankful for the outstanding insurance coverage that we have, but the prescription plan is a complete PITA. I have to pay 100% OOP for all medications, and get reimbursed for the covered amount at a later date. I am still waiting for the reimbursement check from May, June & July's Ovidrel...

Anyway, I went directly to the pharmacy to pick up my order, and was so moved to see the quote they have as a wall decal above the door.
Everyday holds a possibility of a miracle
I am also wayyy too excited about the nifty little case that comes with the Follistim pen. The first injection starts tonight. I plan to stick it at 7:37pm because those are my lucky numbers. I also plan to make a smiley face around my belly button over the course of the week and a half with all these injections.

***The above paragraph goes to show how much of a dork I really am.

I hope this works! Think good thoughts tonight at 7:37pm!

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  1. Crossing everything for you this cycle!!! And the case is awesome :)