Monday, August 12, 2013

Easy Does It

I am making every attempt to find a balance between living my "normal" life while dealing head on with IF. It is such a challenge! Here's my new training schedule which I expect will only change about 50 billion times ;)
Coda & I went out for our run this afternoon. I wasn't sure how I'd do being just five days post-surgery, so we stayed very close to the house. I figured his C25K 1.3 workout would be a good way to ease in for the both of us. If at any point I felt like things didn't feel right, we could always turn around and walk home in just a few steps.

I felt ok, but Coda pooped out right before our last run interval. He had such a hard weekend (two long car rides which is still a very stressful experience for him) and I don't want to make him hate running, so we cut the workout short. Close enough! I anticipate the next run will be much better. Both dogs are exhausted and knocked out at the moment (so sweet!!). I might just join them for a little nap :)

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