Friday, August 9, 2013

Comfy & Cozy

I had my laparoscopy, chromotubation, and hysteroscopy on Wednesday. Surgery went smoothly, and the results are all good. Here's a quick run down:

Laparoscopy: revealed a few spots of minimal endometriosis on my right side under my uterus. I was surprised to hear that there was only a little, but my doctor explained that the amount of endometriosis does not necessarily correlate to the amount of pain it causes. He said that this could very well explain the cause of my painful periods. He was also able to clean it all out. Hooray!

Chromotubation: no surprises here. Just like my HSG, both tubes were squeaky clean. Good to know!

Hysteroscopy: the doctor was able to easily resect part or all of my septum in order to open up the volume inside of my uterus. He said that he has some pictures to show me at my next appointment. My uterus was not a "primary concern" to my doctor before, but now he says it is of "no concern." This makes me want to jump up and down with joy (though I won't because I'm really sore)!

Recovery: I am recovering well from surgery, though I have to say, it's not very much fun (but who said it would be?!). The anesthesia made me really nauseous... I would rather deal with any other kind of pain aside from nausea. The nurse was able to give me some anti-nausea medication through my IV so I could make it home to my bed. We got home from the hospital around 7:30pm, I went on my FB group to update the Dreamers, sent a few messages to my friends and family, and then went to sleep.

Sleep was not easy that night. I never really fell into a deep sleep, and woke up several times to use the bathroom and get a sip of water. By the time morning came, I got out of bed and took a shower. John has been so wonderful about taking care of me. My brother, sister-in-law and nephew/godson came over to look after me while John made a trip to work for a few hours. I spent the entire day on the couch feeling sore (throat from the breathing tube, abdomen from the incision, and shoulders from the gas).

Today, I woke up feeling a lot less sore, though my digestive system is all outta whack. Holy hell, I couldn't feel more constipated :( I feel like I have a load of marbles up my booty. I took a stool softener this morning and have been sticking to a liquid diet, and hope to be regular again very soon.

Surgery Prep: the pre-surgery experience was a first for me. I have never had a "real" surgery before. I had my wisdom teeth extracted when I was a teenager, but I absolutely refused to let them put the IV in my arm. The doctors thought I was a wackadoodle, but I insisted on having it done "my way" (which was to use laughing gas and numbing needles while I dozed off listening to my walkman). Ironic, huh?

So getting an IV was a little terrifying for me. The nurse did an excellent job of getting it in without creating any additional fuss. John did an amazing job of distracting me and calming me down once it was in me. Then they wheeled me to the surgical floor, I observed these pretty little blue lights, and next thing I knew, I was out.

What's Next: our next appointment with the RE is scheduled for August 21st (my grandfather's birthday!). We will look over all the results from surgery, and get further instructions for the next cycle. We plan to do injects with IUI. My doctor wants us to give this protocol three tries before moving onto IVF. I believe my insurance only requires two... I'm hoping the first round works so that we don't have to think ahead to the possibility of IVF.

What an adventure to go through just to make sure I have the perfect little home for my future babies. I hope my uterus is comfy and cozy, and for crying out loud, can we please get a baby or two in there in September?! ;)

Lots of couch time = lots of progress on my Wish Stitch

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  1. I'm glad to hear that your surgery went well and that you're recovering nicely! I know what you mean about the constipation and being unable to sleep :( I hope that gets better soon! ~Milagros315