Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back in the Game!

Today is CD1 which means we're off the bench and back in the game! Thank goodness it also means that PMS is out of my system. I finally feel sane again!

We went to the RE yesterday to look over the results from my laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and to finalize the plan for the next cycle. It was pretty cool to see the pictures from surgery, and the doctor even gave us a copy (which, I joked, would make an excellent Christmas card this year).

Up next, we are going to do injects with IUI. My insurance requires at least two inject cycles before they'll approve IVF, so I suspected this would be the way we go. My doctor said that if we wanted him to, that he could appeal to our insurance company to waive the mandate. I didn't know that this would be presented as an option for right now, so my head was spinning all day long.

We decided to go forward with the injects and IUI this cycle. My doctor said that he believes this could work for us; our chances are double what they were with the clomid; and, at the very least, this will give him the chance to see how I respond to injects so that he could give us a better quality IVF cycle if we get there.

I am going in for my baseline appointment tomorrow and will start Follistim on Saturday. I'll go back for monitoring on Monday, and when the time is right I will be instructed to take Cetrotide (to prevent premature ovulation) and Ovidrel (to trigger ovulation).

I hope this works. I feel excited to try again. But I'm wondering how many cycles of injects + IUI should we do before moving onto IVF? The doctor said he doesn't recommend any more than three cycles, our insurance requires two, but we could probably skip to it after this one. I don't know... and I hope we don't have to figure it out! Here's hoping that THIS cycle is finally our cycle!!


  1. Yay! Good luck! Like I said before, I have everything crossed for you!!

  2. YAY!! I am keeping everything crossed for you!!!

  3. That sounds like a great plan - I'm glad you're excited for this cycle. I hope it will be YOUR cycle!! GL!

  4. yay!! FX for you and this cycle!!