Sunday, December 29, 2013

Open a new vial for 8.33iu??

I always feel spaztastic whenever I have to call the RE hotline (which now has occurred twice). I knew I would have to open up a new cartridge of Follistim soon (it's a 300iu vial, but the pharmacist routinely overfills the vials). I did my injection for tonight, 25iu, and fell short by literally one click on the Follistim pen. The last thing I want to do is open a new vial and then go in for monitoring tomorrow just for them to tell me that I'm all done stimming. What a waste for literally a few drops!! So I called the hotline. The RE on call told me that she thought it would be ok to skip the remaining dose (8.333333iu). Whew! I may need to open it tomorrow if I need more, but at least this way it gives the doctor a chance to see if it is really necessary.

Honestly, with 8 follicles... I'm worried that I'm going to get canceled. And either way, ovulation is going to hurt like crazy. I'm so frustrated with my ovaries.

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  1. I have no insight but just wanted to say I am rooting for you so hard this cycle. I hope the O pains aren't too bad. ((hugs))