Thursday, December 26, 2013

IUI 4.1 Follie Scan #1

CD8, today was a double header on the Vagina Tour. I had monitoring this morning then my annual with my OBGyn. After five nights of Follistim (50iu each), here are my stats:

Lining: 5.9
Right: 11, 11, 9, 7
Left: 10, 10
E2: 206 (rising nicely from two days ago, 96)
Instructions: 50iu Follistim for the next two nights, return for monitoring on Saturday

Today's appointment was especially awkward. The waiting room was packed because all of the satellite offices are closed this week (due to the holidays). There were three couples there with their child... ::side eye:: and literally all seats in the waiting room were taken. Dr. R did my ultrasound. Usually they give you enough time to empty your bladder & disrobe from the waist down before they come in. The doctor usually knocks and asks if you're ready. Well, I guess Dr. R was in a rush today, because after I had used the bathroom, I was kicking off my shoes and she burst into the room. I stared at her like a deer in headlights. She left the room and waited for me to get set. 

Then I went to my OBGyn appointment. Ugh, jump on the scale... Fine, but I'm taking my boots off first. I liked their scale a lot more than my RE's. And the nurse even took two pounds off for clothing. Blood pressure was normal. Time to get prepped in the exam room. I was prepared for "waist down" but nope, everything off but socks. I forgot about that part. Dr. K came in the room (after I had plenty of time to study the pregnancy poster). She asked me to fill her in on our TTC efforts. Depressing. Pity eyes galore. She wished me luck and said she hoped that I'd be coming in before my next annual appointment with good news.

How do I feel about all of this? My emotions are so mixed and intense... I can't even handle it right now. Christmas was hard. I am excited to get to the New Year... I am so sad about 2013. I had high hopes... 13 is one of my favorite numbers... I was sure it would be our lucky year. But no. 2013 goes down in the personal history books as the worst year to date. I hope, wish, and pray every day that 2014 will bring our miracle.


  1. So glad to hear that your scan went well this morning. I don't envy the ovulation pains coming if those all keep developing, but my fingers a crossed super tight that your baby is in there! GL on Saturday morning!
    Sorry you had to re-hash everything with your OB. I hope you're back in her office in much less than a year ;)

  2. I'm sorry the holidays were rough and that your hooha is busy on tour, but I hope 2014 can bring us all beautiful miracles!