Friday, December 20, 2013

IUI 4.1 Baseline Scan

Today is CD2, so I went in this morning for my baseline scan. The "Vagina Tour" is off to quite a start... over the course of the next month, I will have at least five different doctors all up in my hooha (baseline & monitoring at my current clinic, OB annual exam on 12/26, Consult 1 of 3 on 12/30, Consult 2 of 3 on 1/2, and Consult 3 of 3 on 1/14). It's like a freaking parade around here. Where are the damn horses?!!? Someone strike up the band o_O

Walking into the appointment, I already felt grumpy and fearful. I still feel action around my ovaries, so I was bracing myself for my doctor to tell me that it was cyst city and our cycle would be canceled. The receptionist was very friendly, but she's the new girl... I miss B!!!

Then Nurse R called me back. She looked at my chart and seemed confused that I was there for an IUI cycle. Then I rolled up my sleeve, and she started with the chit chat. Nurse R: "We're looking forward to the holiday break so much." Me: "Yeah, we could all use a break." Nurse R: "I know. I'm potty training a 3 year old, so my life is hell right now." ::cricket.... cricket....::

I could not believe my ears! How insensitive and rude to bitch about the challenges of parenting to an infertility patient the second before jabbing my arm with a needle for a blood draw!!! Seriously?! WTF. I'm sure parenting is hard. Parents have the right to complain about it. But not to an IFer especially in the RE lab!!! THROAT PUNCH THROAT PUNCH THROAT PUNCH

Thankfully, my fellow Dreamers cheered me up. I vented it out, and then they made me laugh with jokes about jumping the nurse in the parking lot with assorted turds and cat piss (LOL!!! The Jersey crew is a tough but lovable crowd!), lots and lots of stickers (you gotta love the FB stickers! Chickin, you're gonna be shocked when you see what JayTee & I did while you were working! LOL), and so many hugs. I don't know what I'd do without the Dreamers. They keep me sane(ish) :D

Dr. J found a few small cysts during my ultrasound. I wasn't surprised. He said that he would need to take a look at my blood results to make sure it was ok to start. As long as I don't get a phone call from him this afternoon, then I'm going to start tomorrow night with 50iu Follistim. I'll go in for monitoring on Christmas Eve Day.

Ok, fine, so I made it to work, and once I started teaching, I was distracted and enjoying the music lesson. Then at 10:30, I went down to the gym to help my colleagues with the Holiday Sing Along. All of the adorable kids from pre-K up to 4th grade were buzzing with excitement while Ken played carols on the piano as they entered the gym. And that's when I noticed all of the babies. The Prego Posse strikes again. Apparently, today was bring your baby to work day. They were all there with their babies... so I did my part with the 3rd graders (they played Frosty the Snowman on their recorders! They did great!), and then snuck out. I have been hiding in my classroom with the lights off ever since.

I got a call from the pharmacy to let me know my order is ready to pick up. I was originally planning to pick it up this afternoon on my way home from work, but seeing how it's not my day, I could get canceled, and I won't need the meds until tomorrow night, I have decided to pick them up tomorrow instead. I wish I could go home and snuggle with my doggies on the couch for the rest of the day, but I have a gig tonight. I am not looking forward to the traffic... and I need to either buy another pair of black pants or do laundry before I leave the house tonight (I'm so damn lazy, I'm going to buy a new pair!).

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  1. UGH! Throat punches all around today!!! (((hugs)))