Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Plan B = IVF

If this cycle is a bust, then our next plan is to get ready for IVF. My doctor will have to make an appeal to my insurance to waive the mandate (two required injects + IUI cycles), but he seems to think that I will get approved thanks to my history.

I imagine the timeline will go something like this:
September 12 - CD1, start BCP for 2-3 weeks, RE office submits paperwork requesting IVF
September 16 - Doctors meeting to discuss all the IVF cases and decide protocol
September 18 - IVF Orientation (consult with the doctor, medication instruction & other prerequisites)
End of September/beginning of October - begin injects
Mid-October - Egg Retrieval
End of October/Beginning of November - Embryo Transfer

John & I made the decision last night over dinner. There were a lot of factors which we considered to arrive at the conclusion that we are ready. It is all sinking in, and is still feeling surreal. You know me: I am having a hard time pinpointing my emotions right now. It's like there are a million pieces of scrap paper swirling around in my head like a tornado. I have to wait for the winds to calm down before I can piece it all together and get rid of the clutter. So for now, I'm moving on with my day. I'll be back later to make sense of all this :)

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