Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down!

I've been meaning to burn a certain item that I've been carrying around in my car since June. I was forced to make a Post-it declaring my unfortunate non-pregnant status thanks to the Preggo Posse.

Upper left corner... 

That's better!

While I sat in my driveway watching the Post-it turn to ashes, all I heard was "Ring Around the Rosie" in my head. My heart was instantly filled with the hope that had vanished in June after another crushing BFN. (Interestingly enough, the children song & game "Ring Around the Rosie" describes the plague. I remember playing the game as a child thinking how much fun it was, but after a quick google search I learned how dark it is!)

To replace the Post-it, I have this from last night's fortune cookie:

At first I was very confused by the words, and thought that I was just twisting them to mean what I wanted to mean: by keeping my heart hopeful, my baby would come. Then I decided to poke around on google (again) and found that the Chinese proverb usually has the word "perhaps" in it.

My fortune cookie doesn't have the word "perhaps" in it... is it a sign that my singing bird is definitely coming? When? My heart is open and ready (and my uterus is open and free of scar tissue from my hysteroscopy). So.... LET'S GO!! I am doing my job and building my nest. Let's get a baby in there soon!!


  1. yay!! This makes me so so happy!! I feel so much hope for you for your first IVF!!

  2. I'm glad you burned that post it, it seems empowering and a real good FU to IF! I am rooting so hard for you, I hope this is it for you!!!

  3. Yay for burning that awful post-it! You don't need that hanging over your head while doing your IVF! Positive thoughts only!

  4. Good for you for burning it! Positive thoughts!! Hugs to you :)