Saturday, September 28, 2013

Party in a Bag!

Meds and needles galore!!
I picked up my meds this morning and am all pumped to start with my first injection tonight. I'll be mixing 150iu of Follistim with one vial of Menopur, then adding 1/2cc of saline to the mix. 

Johnny has to take Doxycycline which got left off the order... so I'm going back to pick it up.

HERE WE GO!!!!!!


  1. Are those Hershey kisses on the front right? Awesome party in a box!

  2. Good luck! This is the "fun" part! Be slow with the Follistim pen...I tried to do it fast one time and it hurt like a BITCH! Also, NEVER go below your belly button...most sensitive spot ever!