Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finish Line?

Today's kick in the butt from resonated with me on many levels:

Running, much like life, has its hills and valleys. On any
given run, and particularly in most marathons, we come
across easy stretches and seemingly impossible challenges.
I have learned to just keep going. The tough moments never
last, and the easy stretches are always a joy. The same is
clearly true in life, if we just keep going we'll get to that
finish line with water, massages, and bananas!
-Will Starr, Runner's World Challenger of the Week

In addition to the running and marathon analogies, it rings true for my current place in life along this IF journey. The main difference is instead of water, massages, and bananas, the IF finish line has the miracle of my take-home babies.

As challenging as marathons and running can be, at least (on most days) the finish line is clear. There is exactly 26 miles and 385 yards from the start line to the finish line in any marathon. That is certain. But with IF, you are out there on the course, emotionally and physically pushing yourself within an inch of your breaking point... and yet, you don't know where the finish line is. It could be this cycle. It could be next year. It could be never. That is the hardest part for me to deal with.

But as difficult as this moment is, I have faith that it will pass. I just have to keep going. One mile at a time. The finish line is out there somewhere, and I believe I'll get there. I just have to stay the course and never give up. It'll all be worth it in the end... and then it'll only be the beginning of the next, beautiful phase in my life's journey.


  1. That was a beautifully written post. I definitely agree that with IF the hardest part is not knowing where the finish line is. Hang in there. Maybe all your marathons have trained you to have the stamina to make it through this too.

    I know it's hard on you not being able to train for/run marathons right now but maybe you're just in the middle of a different kind of 'marathon' with TTC. I hope the finish line is closer than you think!

  2. Agree with Chickin, this was really beautifully written, some parts really hit home. I hope that your finish line is quickly approaching!

  3. I love the quote from Runner's World, simply perfect. Your words give me hope on this journey as well. We will get to that amazing finish line!!

  4. Thanks for reading my post, ladies :) I hope we ALL make it to the finish line as soon as humanly possible. 3T needs some grads, stat!