Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy (belated) National Running Day!

I know that technically I missed it. Well, it's not that I missed it; it's just that I was held captive by work and music this week. This is the second year in a row that my school band's spring concert was scheduled on National Running Day. I have got to fix that for next year ;)

On top of not getting my run in on Wednesday, I've been busy the past three days with the Wind Symphony's recording sessions. We are recording a CD which will hopefully be released in November. The project is quite the undertaking. Anyone who has ever done a professional recording session can testify; it is tedious and exhausting on many levels. But hopefully the group's efforts will all be worth it when we have that CD in our hands (and blasting from our iPods)!

Needless to say, I've been cooped up for the past four days. You can probably imagine how I felt. On a normal day, my legs are restless. I was born to move and whenever I'm bound to a chair... I kinda freak out a little bit! ["Get me outta dis boose!" just came screaming into my mind... random side story: my college wind ensemble went on a tour of Germany and Austria in 2002. It was awesome, though there were times where we had to wait around on the bus while logistics got sorted out. Ah, the joys of traveling with 60+ people ;) That phrase was born in the moment and thinking of the memory makes me smile!]

I just got in from an awesome run, and man, am I ever soaring on this runner's high :) It felt so good to shake it up and pound the pavement. I feel refreshed and recharged (which is a good thing because we have one last 9-5pm session tomorrow to finish the Wind Symphony's CD).

One of my favorite parts of running is that it gives me clarity. My mind is so active, and busy, and chattery, and sometimes I get overwhelmed by the flood of thoughts coming from every direction. I have found running to be the great equalizer in my life. For some reason, when my body is in motion, my mind is finally able to be still.

Today's run was extra special to me because I convinced my DH to join me for the first mile on his bike. He wasn't to crazy about the idea at first (he wanted to sit on the couch, lol), but it made me so happy that he acquiesced. After we worked our way up "Mount Mallard the Mild" we ran and rode happily along Washington Valley. John took a left down "Tullo's Tumble" as I continued onward to "Cruel Crim's Climb." I decided to push myself a little harder than normal up the hill. It felt so good!! Mountaintop was pleasant as usual with gorgeous views and a relatively flat terrain. Then I enjoyed running downhill as I completed my run with a reverse of "Totten's Torture." What a good run! (Yes, I've named all the hills around my house. And, yes, I know I am a total dork!)

Some simple truths that I have discovered on the road today:
  1. I will continue to abide by my RE's instructions to limit daily exercise to one hour and scale back the intensity; however, I will break this rule whenever I am on my period. I need to run hard and long in order to feel like myself. Not all of the time, but a few butt-kicking runs at the right time in my cycle won't hurt anything (at least I don't think... I'll probably check with my RE next time I am in the office).
  2. I will absolutely listen to my body at all times throughout my cycle. If I feel bloated and "full" then I won't push it and will allow myself a guilt-free rest day if necessary.
  3. I still have to come up with an exercise plan that I am comfortable with for the 2WW. Obviously, I will follow the RE's restrictions especially during the 2WW. I just don't know how easy is too easy yet, and last cycle felt like I was right on the border of lazy... I have to figure it out. Something tells me that if I listen to my body, she will show me the way.
  4. I love my family (and friends who are family). I love running. I love music.
And of course, I'm still chanting, "Grow, follies, grow!!" Are you?! ;)


  1. Grow, Follies, Grow!!! We want a baby Fo' Sho'!!!!

    I think the list is great. Limiting yourself to 1-hour of exercise a day isn't that bad. You can still get great workouts in. I should try to see if I can burn you my Chalean Extreme Workouts so you can do them in your living room. They're all under 45-minutes (some just 30-35 minutes) and they really tone you up (abs, arms, legs). I do them out of order but I did at one point follow the schedule. It's a 90-day workout. She's awesome. As for day's that you have to take it easy, I say some Vinyasa Yoga in the living room also. Even though it seems like it's light exercise (and is good and easy for your body), it really does make you feel stretched out and sore the next day (especially those chuturungas).

    My favorite part of running is how good I feel after -- like, now I can go on with my day. Now I feel energized. I feel healthy and especially in a FANTASTIC mood. :-)

    Okay, I'll be chanting for those follies to grow, grow, grow.

    1. I have to admit that the Chalean Extreme Workouts scare me a bit, lol! Especially after trying out your Jackie Turner DVD's - holy shit! That was a crazy ass workout!! I like the idea of doing more yoga. I'm thinking about looking for a local studio. I think I'd enjoy it more if I was taking a class instead of a DVD.