Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Cup is Half...

...empty? Full? Who knows at this point, so let's just say it's halfway. The past few days, my cup was so empty that there wasn't a trace of a droplet in there. But today, CD 25 and 11 dpIUI, the cup has been restored to halfway.

I don't really know what to think of the outcome of this cycle. To be honest, I'm not a good judge when it comes to reading the signs. I have a moment of nausea and I think, "This could be pregnancy related... or it could be PMS... or I could be hungry..." It really can be anything. The human body is complex and mysterious.

Let's take a minute to analyze the situation, shall we? My "symptoms" and the "facts" of this cycle include:
  1. 11 DPO.
  2. No flow, so far AF is a no show.
  3. Brief spotting at 6 DPO. Literally a single spot and a few wipes with the TP. Then it vanished like a fart in the wind.
  4. My BBT is still above the cover line.
  5. On paper, this IUI is going extremely well. I had two follies of a great size at my mid-cycle monitoring, and maybe one more who could've caught up by the time of the IUI. John's numbers were outstanding at 41 million moving sperm. 
  6. I am experiencing these phantom symptoms: nausea, headache, mild cramping, copious CM (I mean A LOT. It is downright grossing me out). All of these symptoms could be signs of early pregnancy or PMS.
Now let's pretend for a moment that the cup is half full. Here's what I'd say to all of the above:
  1. My LP is an average of 11 days, minimum of 9 days, and maximum of 13 days. I have a good chance of making it to my testing day (CD 27, 13 dpIUI)... !
  2. You're not out till that bitch, Aunt Flo, shows her ugly face. She's not here. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant... !
  3. That spotting 6 DPO just might have been the elusive implantation bleeding... !
  4. As long as my BBT stays above that cover line, then I have a real shot of being pregnant... !
  5. This one is harder, because the last cycle was perfect on paper too. Buuuuuut, maybe we had bad luck last time, and maybe #2 is our lucky cycle... !
  6. The phantom symptoms could really be early pregnancy symptoms. How could I possibly know the difference since I've never been pregnant before? Maybe this is the real thing... !
And to be fair, here's the half empty version:
  1. The last cycle saw me all the way through 11 DPO, and it was on the 12th day that AF showed up and CD 1 was declared.
  2. She could be coming any minute...
  3. Maybe I ran too hard. Maybe it was residual from the IUI. Maybe it was just random spotting. It happens.
  4. Tomorrow could be the day my BBT plummets... 
  5. IUI#1 was perfect on paper. It did not work.
  6. All of the above phantom symptoms happen every.damn.cycle. 
I feel like I have to leave things on a positive note, so the final sentence of this post must be positive. Therefore, I will say this: the cup may be half full, or it may be half empty. The results of this cycle have already been determined by a higher authority. The results will be revealed very soon. I just need to be patient. Wait. And hope.

My Lucky Charm - the necklace given to me by my Grandmother


  1. Fingers are crossed SO HARD!!!

  2. Fx for the cup half full version!

  3. Cup is so empty it's not even funny :( CD1 SUCKS