Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Half & Half

Throughout this 2WW I have been going back and forth. One moment, the glass is half empty; the next, it is half full. Over the past 24 hours, sadly it has shifted to be entirely empty. I'm all out of hope. And strangely, I'm sorta ok with it. I'm already looking forward to the next cycle (or actually, two cycles from now when we have a new plan. The next cycle will be IUI#3, and I've just had a gut feeling that these IUIs aren't going to work for us).
My usual PMS symptoms are in full swing, and I suspect that AF will be here either late tomorrow or early on Friday. 

In other news, John, Mocha & I are heading to the animal shelter in search of a furry brother for Mocha. I hope we find someone who will match our little family (and run with me!!). 


  1. Lol! The cartoon made me giggle!
    And yay for a new furry baby to warm your heart! **Still crossing my fingers for you!

  2. I'm holding out hope for you! And YAY for Mocha getting a brother!! That's super exciting, I hope there will be pics when you bring home your new furry friend!

  3. I hope your gut is wrong! GL finding a new furry family member! That's so exciting :-)

  4. How did you make out puppy shopping?

  5. I'm so excited to meet Coda Fartlek. :-) and as much as I'm like the cup with piss, I'm going to say, stick with cup #1. Love ya.

    1. I definitely think Fartlek should be his middle name! Though it'll have to be off the record, cause no one else is gonna get it (though if they do, then they RULE!!).

  6. Pics are on their way! I'm going to make a new post as soon as I get a second. The short version: we found a pup!! He's so lovable, and he's starting to come out of his shell. He's still veeeeeerrrry timid though. One step at a time :)

    The past several days, my cup was absolutely empty. Today, it has been restored back to halfway. I'm not sure yet if it's half full or empty, but it's definitely an improvement from yesterday. As of this moment, AF is a no show, so I guess there's still a good reason to hope!