Sunday, June 16, 2013

On Your Marks... Get Set...

IUI #2 is underway. I'm laying down on my favorite spot as I write this. The cramping is significant, but I'm trying to tough it out before taking any Tylenol. Mocha is curled up on top of me, cuddling up to my right side. Dog really is man's best friend.

It has been a stressful couple of days leading up to the IUI. On Friday night, we did our "homework assignment" before leaving the house to see a movie. I had planned to take the Ovidrel with me and do my trigger shot in the parking lot before going into the theater. But I forgot to take the Ovidrel out of the fridge before we left! As soon as I told John that I forgot the trigger at home, he made a U-turn to go back and get it. As we were driving back, I had the syringe in my hands to allow it to come up to room temperature. I was going over the instructions in my head, trying to remember all of the steps from the last time. As soon as John parked the car, I gave myself the injection then ran inside the theater. It is a miracle that we didn't miss a single second of the movie even though we were late. Thank goodness for the previews!

On a normal, non-medicated cycle, I experience O pains for about 5-6 days before, during, and after O. The meds exaggerate all of the pain and make it worse. I'm told that it's a good sign that the meds are working, so I do my best to manage the pain without complaining too much. As I was sitting in the movie theater, I was already feeling some mild cramping and the Ovidrel added a layer of nausea. Put that on top of the 3D glasses, and I was not feeling so hot. I ate some crackers, sipped some water, closed my eyes, and started to feel better by the time the opening credits were finishing up. I kid you not, the opening scene portrayed the birth of a baby. We were seeing Man of Steel so I wasn't expecting to see anything that would set me off in my frail IF state of mind. I guess not. The first ten minutes of the movie tell the story of Superman being born and his parents sending him away from Krypton. I cried silently behind my 3D glasses through the whole segment.

I spent all day yesterday curled up on the couch. The O pains just made me feel yucky :( Thankfully, we had no plans, so I was able to rest all day.

This morning was the IUI. John was doing his thing to collect his sample while I was in the shower. We were planning to drop it off together, go out to get breakfast at a diner nearby, then return to the office for my IUI. Halfway through my shower, John comes busting in to tell me that they screwed up the cup at the office. Apparently, there was no pink liquid in the cup. Ok, well, we can just call to find out if he should do an in-office collection. Nope, that wasn't going to work because he had already done the deed. Shit. I was so angry that we might have screwed it up. I wish he would have told me there was a problem BEFORE ejecting his sample. 

We drove in stark silence to the RE's office. I was fuming and furious. But when we got to the office, the receptionist assured us that it was ok. They were able to add the fluid after the fact, so we were ok. I was still nervous, but figured we'd find out if we were in trouble when we got his count back.

After breakfast, we went back for the IUI. The nurse came in to show us the tube with John's sample. 

Lucky charms adding good vibes to John's swimmers
41 million moving sperm! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the number! That was more than double the number we had for the last IUI.

As I was laying on the table, John was wandering around the room. If you know my DH, then you know that this is typical behavior. He truly has undiagnosed adult ADD, so whenever we go places, he wanders and explores. He weighed himself on the scale. He measured his height. Then he walked over to the ultrasound computer. Before I could stop him, he reached out his finger to touch the vag cam!!! I snapped at him to get his hands off! When I told him what that was for, he washed his hands and then stayed by my side the rest of the time. Every time I think of that moment, I have a hysterical fit of laughter. It was so funny!

I've named my two eggs Ziggy and Zaggy. I am hoping that one of John's swimmers are making their way as I type this. I have said before that I have a gut feeling that these IUIs aren't going to work. I hope I am wrong. Wish us luck!! And if you have the chance, please join me in our current chant:
Zig-zag, Ziggy & Zaggy!


  1. OMG! I just literally LOL'd with that vag cam thing! DH is sitting beside me so I had to explain it to him..he was like "the dildo cam?" He's learning the lingo!! What a great sample!!! FX for you!! EEE!! I hope this is it girly!! Zig-zag, Ziggy & Zaggy!!!

  2. I'm still in stitches about the vag cam, lol! Serves him right! He's like a child the way he can't sit still :) Sarah, I'm impressed that your DH is paying attention to all these details! My DH told his dad over the phone that we had to cancel our plans because I "had this IVF thing" ...which we are not doing IVF, but whatever, I guess he thought that was easier to explain. Then his dad misunderstood and thought he said IBS! DH didn't correct him on the phone and decided to wait until we were in person to finally fill him in. Then he chickened out (says he didn't have the opportunity) so I ended up telling my FIL and his wife the truth of what's been going on. So, like I said, serves him right that he touched the vag cam ;)

  3. FX for you, I hope this is it!! Zig-zag, Ziggy & Zaggy!!

  4. Still cracking up over the vag cam. Oh, J-Poo. Gotta love him. I tell you -- there's no staying mad at that guy for too long. LOL Keeping my fingers crossed for this time around and doing my own wild zig-zag chants over here. you know which chants I speak of.

    1. Why, yes. Yes I do! You're the master rhymer, lol