Saturday, May 18, 2013

Trigger Shot, standby.

My trigger shot was delivered yesterday by UPS. I have never had medications mailed to me before, so this was a first. When I learned about the shipment process, I was a little stressed out because the Ovidrel requires refrigeration, so someone has to be there to sign for the package. I didn't want to have it delivered at school and open up the gossip mill or have to answer any questions. Surely, the secretaries would have grilled me about it, or so I thought. Actually, it would have been fine now that I see the way they packaged it very discretely. But I was able to have it delivered to my MIL's house, and DH picked it up on his way home from work, so it was ok.

When I opened up the box, I was genuinely excited! It's kind of cool to think that maybe this little syringe will be one of the steps that actually gets me pregnant with my take-home baby :) And it was so sweet of the pharmacy to throw in a baggie of Hershey's Kisses! That made me smile.

Now my trigger shot is on standby in the refrigerator on the shelf above the cheese. As much as I hate needles, I am strangely looking forward to giving myself the injection. Is that weird?! Yeah, it probably is ;)

I was really nervous a few days ago that my mid-cycle monitoring appointment was scheduled too late in my cycle. I've had short cycles in the past (minimum 23, maximum 28, average 26 days) so scheduling mid-cycle monitoring on CD12 was causing me to worry that I'd O before my appointment. But here I am on CD10, and all of my OPTs have been negative, so I'm thinking I'll be good for Monday.

I'm excited to see how I responded to the Clomid and hope that I have a good follie gearing up. I'm ready to move onto the next phase of this cycle. It'll be nice to know when everything will be scheduled and I should get a good idea of that on Monday. Once my follies are good to go, I'll get instructions from the doctor to trigger, BD, and IUI. Then we'll be in the 2WW - hoping, praying, wondering, waiting.


  1. Best of luck! I am excited for you :-) FX for a nice big follie tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Chickin :) I'm hoping for the best for both of us!