Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Couch Potato... when did this happen??

One of my most recent struggles has been coping with the exercise restrictions given by my reproductive endocrinologist (RE). I am allowed only an hour a day of exercise, which by most standards is nothing to worry about. But for a genuine marathon addict.... oh, boy, this is killing me!

As you can imagine, it is impossible to train for a marathon with the limit of one hour a day. On average, it takes me about four hours to run 26.2 miles (PR is 3:42:54, woot woot!) so running the race itself is a violation of the doctor's orders. And the weeks and months leading up to a marathon, I'd usually dedicate at least two runs a week to run over the hour mark (one being a tempo run, the other a long run). So there goes that. No marathons while trying to get pregnant in a medicated cycle.

Showing off my marathon medal from 03.17.13
'Ok, so where's the problem?' you are wondering... I can keep running for now and the marathon suspension is only temporary. You would think that I'd be able to accept it and move on. But I can't. I mean, I do accept the fact that I need to make a personal sacrifice for the good of my family and will absolutely follow the doctor's restrictions. I want a baby so much. I would do almost anything to become a mother. But taking away marathon training is a huge, significant sacrifice for me, the hopeless marathon junkie.

Part of the problem is that my MO is all or nothing. Whatever I'm doing, I'm either going to give it 110% or I'm just not going to participate. I'm a perfectionist... and may have a little OCD. In regards to running, I have learned from the past that if I'm not training for a marathon then I get really lazy. I know I can get away with running a 5K or even a half marathon with less than my best effort. So if I'm faced with the choice of getting my arse out there for a run or being lazy... Eh, it's ok to let this one slide... and the next one... and now I haven't run in three days... six days... OH MY GOD I have to run right now or I'm going to lose my mind!! I feel so guilty and ashamed when I get lazy and slack off. So it's just better when I'm training for a marathon, because I won't let myself skip out on that run just because I don't wanna.

So what do I do? How am I going to survive this marathon suspension? Ahhhh, I don't know!! I guess the part of this that makes it the most frustrating is knowing the odds of getting pregnant on this cycle. My doctor gave me a 20% success rate with my diagnosis and course of treatment. That means that there's an 80% chance that it won't work this time. That makes me frustrated for a lot of reasons (I want my take-home baby as soon as possible! I can't find the strength to be patient for months or years just to get knocked up), but in regards to the marathon-suspension-turned-me-into-a-couch-potato situation.... ARGH!!!!


  1. First things first, I'm so happy that I got to witness your sub 4:00 and at amazing TIME at that!!!

    Secondly, yes, I know difficult it is to be told to scale back on workouts and that pretty much means you can't train for marathons -- the one thing that always holds us accountable for getting in the in-between works, i.e. speed, tempos, hills and LR... (oh and of course easy/recovery runs). We're so used to having this schedule for 17-18 weeks and now without that training plan, we're lost.

    The only advice I can offer is try to plan out a monthly workout schedule with runs, core, weights, cross-training (yoga or spin). Make a calendar. Try to put in some 5ks (either for fun or to race). Maybe improve a 10k. Improving those times will only help in the long run (no pun intended). We can do a trail run every other weekend?!? The long route is about 6-miles. After this half, perhaps you and I could do a monthly challenge with our schedules laid out on days we run, etc.

    It'll be better once school lets out and we can work out more together. I know that will hold you more accountable and get you more motivated and out of the funk!

    I hope this helps. We can come up with really cool challenges too. Maybe take a yoga class together. We'll def be spinning soon.

    1. What would I do without you?! ((hugs)) Let's have a workout calendar date soon to create a plan. I love all of your ideas!!