Monday, May 20, 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air

My mid-cycle monitoring was this morning. I was looking forward to this appointment because I wanted to know how well I had responded to the Clomid. I spent the last week hoping and praying that my follicles (or as we refer to them on The Bump my follies) would grow. Ideally, my doctor wanted to see three or four mature follies ranging in size from 18mm to 24mm. If they weren't big enough then I'd need more medication to stimulate growth. If too many follicles were stimulated, then the fear would be high order multiples. So I hoped and prayed all week long. I held the lucky coin and even rubbed my tummy while chanting,
"Grow, Follies, grow!
Not too fast; not too slow.
Grow, Follies, grow!"
Well, I guess the chanting, praying, and hoping paid off because my doctor was very pleased with my response! I've always had a feeling that my right side was stronger than my left. Each cycle, I get ovulation pains and the intensity and duration of these cramps vary. One cycle, I'll have five days worth of moderate to intense cramping. The next cycle, ovulation pains will either be mild or nonexistent. Today's appointment validated my personal ovulation theory.

I have three promising follies on my right side. Hopefully one of them is gearing up to release that precious egg! The follicles on my right side measured in at 22mm, 22mm, 17mm and 13mm. The follicles on my left side were 13mm and 13mm. Oh, I am so excited thinking that maybe, just maybe, one of those follies holds the egg that will become my baby.

Now we have instructions from the doctor to move forward with the rest of this cycle.

  1. Trigger tonight between 6:00-9:00pm. I will give myself the Ovidrel injection that will trigger ovulation to occur within approximately 36 hours.
  2. DH and I get to HIO and do the BD.
  3. IUI is scheduled for Wednesday morning
This is the first time in so many months that I have actually felt there is a reason to hope. Maybe I'm setting myself up for a colossal disappointment, but I don't care! Whether this cycle is a bust or not won't change the feelings of sadness and disappointment that will follow a BFN. So I welcome the hope that my precious follies have inspired! It feels so good to have hope again.

And now to further prove that I'm a total dork, I leave you with my next chant:
The time is right; Trigger, take flight!
Send the egg with all your might! 
I will recite this while digging up the courage to stick myself with the syringe! Wish me luck!!


  1. Trigger, take flight! Send the egg with all your might!

    I'll add, "Because I won't give up, I know how to fight! I'm focused and refuse to lose sight!"

    Rub that coin and positive vibes! Love ya.

    1. Rach, you ROCK! I love that we can totally dork it up together ;)

  2. Thanks, ladies, for the encouragement. I'm such a dork :) The chanting helped me with my trigger, lol. It wasn't bad at all! I didn't even feel the needle. DH was impressed, haha!

  3. GL with your IUI tomorrow!! I hope this is your cycle!!

  4. "I fight with all my might. Don't you worry baby, just hang on tight."