Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bad Blogger

Shame on me! I've been absent from this blog for far too long. I could sit here and make my excuses (busy, tired, not in the mood), but the truth is I just needed a break.

We got news of our CCS report last week. I've been holding off on updating my blog because I have some IRL friends who stalk this blog. I'd like to share the news with them personally before putting it out there on the interwebs. I'm almost through my list, so I should be able to publish the post soon.

A lot has happened over the past week, and with our report we gained important information. We now have a path to follow. At least for now, we know what direction we are heading in.

John & I have discussed our current situation and both agreed that we feel an enormous amount of pressure. Our situation is so delicate... we have decided to take a more private stance as we make our next steps. I will continue to post to this blog, but there will be a considerable delay when posting time sensitive information (results, protocols, procedures, etc). Over the past year with my blog, I have always made updates pretty instantly. But in an effort to guard our emotions and claim a little shred of our privacy back, I will not be posting timely updates here. I will continue to use this blog in the meantime probably for babbling about whatever comes to my mind, so come on by whenever you get the chance :)

To my IRL friends, I love you lots & lots. I can't wait to hug you or hear your voice on the phone again soon.

To my internet friends, you know where to find me :) I'll still be around the usual boards, lurking, stalking, and cheering you on!!



  1. ((Hugs))!!! I will just have to be better about stalking you in other places ;-)

    1. Haha!! Chickin, you know where to find me :) Lots of sticker love to you!! From your favorite running ninja dreamer ;)