Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Consult #4

We kept going back and forth on whether to keep this appointment or cancel. We had already made our choice to proceed with Dr. M, and were quite certain that another consultation would not change that. Nonetheless, I wanted to go hear what one last doctor had to say about our case while we had the chance. Then our appointment got postponed due to the snowstorm. Doh! But we were able to reschedule for a week later.

Dr. C was nice. No nonsense, she jumped right into it. Suggested the Lupron protocol (like every other doctor), and even said that she felt there was room to increase the doses of the stims. I asked her to compare the lab to our former clinic. She boasted that their lab is on the cutting edge and participates in experimental studies. She also mentioned that the founding doctors were the first to do embryo defragmentation, a time-consuming procedure which repairs fragmentation. Interesting.

She did my physical exam and pointed out that my left ovary is significantly smaller than my right ovary. This doesn't impact my fertility, it's just unusual. My AFC was 15 (10 on the right, 5 on the left).

Dr. C said she was optimistic about our case even knowing what we have already been through. Good to know!

Like I said before, we are still going to proceed with Dr. M's plan. The ball is already rolling there (2 days till Lupron, 8 BCPs to go, 14 days till baseline & stims). I'm glad we went to the consult though. It makes me feel good about what we are doing. I genuinely feel hopeful and optimistic. And ready to get this thing going!


  1. so glad you feel optimistic!!

    1. Thanks, Say :) What a difference a little optimism makes!