Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Yup, right on time. I woke up this morning to the usual work up... The oh-so-familiar cramps left little to the imagination, and I told John that today would most definitely be the day I got my period. We had a quick discussion about our next steps. "Have you had any doubts about what we decided yesterday?" "No, not a single doubt. You?" "Not at all." So before he rushed off to work, we agreed that I would call the nurse from Consult #3 (and technically #2... she will be the nurse assigned to our case regardless of who our doctor is in the practice). Now I just had to wait for my period to make it official.

Just for some extra 'fun' before I left the house for work, I noticed that there were (still) some dishes in the sink as I was packing my lunch. How nice that the pan from Sunday night's dinner was still "soaking" in the sink (John does this all the time... he agrees to wash the dishes, but then lets them soak for days). Then I noticed the upside down shot glass next to the pan. OH MY GOD. I used that glass to soak my diamond earrings in hydrogen peroxide overnight. I instantly panicked, knowing exactly what happened. In an effort to 'clean up,' my darling husband dumped my earrings in the sink!!!! I was able to find both of the backings and one of the diamonds.... the other diamond is down the drain :( I called John to tell him what happened, and we will see if we can take the pipe apart to find the other diamond. I've already counted it as a loss... I'm sure it's gone :( I'm so sad. Even though those earrings weren't too terribly fancy (simple and small studs), they were a gift from John on our second Christmas together. I wear the earrings almost everyday... well, I guess I used to wear them everyday. Now they're gone :(

After teaching my first class of the day, the cramping kicked it up a notch and I could feel that icky feeling... Aunt Flo had arrived. So it is officially CD1 over here. Am I surprised? Absolutely not. Am I sad? Strangely, not too much about getting my period (very sad about the earring). I knew this was coming from the second that we decided to do IUI #4.1. So how do I feel? Crampy. Icky. Like curling up on the couch with the heating pad and my doggies and watching bad TV. But, hello, reality check, I can't do that. I must work! My second class will be coming in any minute. So I ate some chocolate, took an Advil (a rarity these days... I have been trying to abstain), and stuck on a heating pad (these things are great!).

So there it is. Today is CD1, when I get home from work, I will call our new nurse... I guess we're officially prepping for IVF #3. Yippee?


  1. ((hugs))

    So sorry you have had a rough start to the day. I so hope you are able to get your earring back. I have earrings like that DH gave me years ago and I wear them every day. I can imagine how upset you must be because I know how I would be.

    Glad you guys have a good plan going forward. Sending all my ((hugs)) positive thought and good juju your way to help you get through today. :)

  2. Rough day! I'm sorry, love. I really hope you are able to get your earring back, I would be pretty upset about that too. And CD1 too? That's just mean! I am so hopeful and optimistic for you moving forward. Always rooting for you <3

  3. I GOT MY EARRING BACK!!!!! I learned how to remove the trap pipe (thank you, internet!) and it was in there! YIPPEEEEEE!!!