Thursday, January 2, 2014

Consult #2

Well, that fucking sucked!!! Within two minutes of meeting this doctor, I knew that this wasn't going to work. He was cold, impersonal, impossible to relate to. He explained things in a way that seemed like he was talking to a couple of brain surgeons. He jumped right into how we could try a Lupron protocol, they don't do Day 3 transfers, and the main draw to their clinic is their top notch lab. He said several times that he couldn't make any guarantees (I wasn't asking him to), and when I asked him if we had any reason to have hope... that's what we got. No guarantees, no hope.

He said a few things that really made my blood boil... and I almost lost it and cried in his office. He asked if we had any questions... NOPE... so we went to the ultrasound room. I had to produce a urine sample, and I was so pissed off that I couldn't pee in the cup. Finally got that done, and went out to get weighed. Blood pressure was through the roof. The nurse pointed out that it was high, and I said, "I'm pretty upset right now." The doctor came in for the ultrasound, and asked about the high blood pressure and said, "What's wrong?" I told him, "That's a loaded question. Let's just do this." ::feet in the stir ups:: After the ultrasound was done, he apologized for upsetting me.

John felt like he was just saying things to turn us away without coming out and saying it directly.

Whatever! I'm so pissed!! So that's a big, fat HELL NO to that clinic.

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