Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Remembering Frostie Ninja

Today is the two year anniversary of Frostie Ninja's transfer. That little embryo held so much hope. I was at peace and completely in love while I was PUPO with him. I envision that he is waiting for me in heaven with Rosa, Robin, Brooke & Brian (the two embryos who were abnormal from our donor cycle). In my mind, when we are reunited, they won't have aged at all. My cousin will hand Rosa to me, and she will be a perfectly healthy little baby. I will finish my pregnancies in heaven with all of the embryos who tried but didn't make it here on earth. I am going to have thirty babies in heaven, and there will never be a shortage of help with all my loved ones surrounding me. All of my heavenly pregnancies will be healthy and happy and blissful. 

The daydreamer in me lives on, and Frostie Ninja's spirit does too.


  1. That is my plan exactly- and won't all the other old people be jealous that I have a brand new baby.

    1. In my vision, everyone is joyously celebrating and taking turns holding the babies :) There are plenty of baby snuggles to go around because, like I said, I'm going to have THIRTY BABIES!!

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