Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Today is CD6, and I just got the "all clear" from the doctors to start meds for my FET cycle!!

I went in this morning for Baseline 2.0. The first baseline appointment was on CD2, and even though my hormones were low, my lining was still too thick. It was a little bit of a gamble waiting until CD6 to get back for a rescan - if there had been any follicle growth then I wouldn't have been able to start meds - but with my trip this weekend today is the earliest I could get back. Today's appointment went very well!! My lining measured at 3.8mm, was a Type III, and both ovaries were quiet. The doctor said I'm ready to start medications, and I'll get a call from my nurse later this afternoon with instructions. Squee!

I put a call into my doctor to ask a question about my Lovenox start date. I'm going to take the prophylactic dose along with Baby Aspirin, but when to start is questionable. My MFM said to start Baby Aspirin two weeks prior to transfer, and Lovenox would not be necessary. My previous MFM recommended Lovenox and Baby Aspirin, but did not give a start date. My RE said that I could do both starting with a (hopeful) positive beta. I think I'd feel more comfortable starting them both two weeks prior to transfer just to be safe. 

From an emotional standpoint, I feel ready to start this cycle. I am astonished at my level of calm going into this. It has been ten long months since I gave birth to my darling Rosa, and fifteen long months since I said goodbye to Robin. It is time for them to have a (hopeful) earthly sibling. I have been dedicated to a daily meditation practice (103 day streak!!), and training for the two half marathons was the perfect way to keep my mind busy while riding out the bench. Last week's race with Rachel was a lot of fun, though my performance was hindered by a little cold I picked up at work. And it was pouring rain, so that made my cold even worse. This weekend's race was so awesome! I got to meet a lot of my internet friends who also ran the race or traveled for the meet-up. The training leading up to the races was exactly what I needed. It felt so good to run fast and chase an aggressive goal, even if I didn't achieve it on race day. 

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  1. I am sooooooooo excited!!! WEEEEEEEE. It was just two months ago that we were talking about the minor setback and the time has passed. One thing that kept your sanity was our training runs/races to focus on. You also hosted a lovely Easter. Finishing up painting the LR. You kept yourself and your mind busy. I know being patient is the hardest thing ever, but you did a great job!!! LOVE YOU and sending NOTHING but POSITIVE vibes for ya!!!!

    2.5 more hours till our run!!! WOO HOOOOOOOO.