Friday, February 14, 2014

IVF #3 - Stimming

I've got a feeling that the stimming phase is going to go very fast and will be on the short side. I have always responded quickly to the meds, and with my doses up this high (300iu Follistim - let me tell you, that pen goes on for miles!!)... it's going to fly. I have my first monitoring appointment tomorrow, and I'm already feeling things happening in my ovaries. And on the other side of things, Dr. M said that we wants to make sure that we don't trigger too late. At the first sighting of a 17 or 18mm follie, he wants to trigger. If I go beyond seven days of stims, I will be floored.

I didn't actually get to speak to my nurse when she called on Wednesday with my instructions. I remember thinking, hmmm, she didn't say anything about when John should start his Doxycycline. And then it slipped my mind. I just called and, oops, yeah, he was supposed to start that already. ::eyes rolling so freaking hard:: The nurse told me it was ok for him to start it tonight or tomorrow and then stop it the night before my retrieval. I'm obviously annoyed by this, but trying to let it go.

I had some spotting yesterday... very unusual spotting. I'm chalking it up to the very, very weird period I had at the start of this cycle. *******WARNING: gross, TMI, skip past this if you are squeamish******* My period was dark brown almost black and thick. I mean THICK. It only lasted half a day, and seemed to come out of me in one big glob. SO GROSS. And the spotting was light brown and mixed with what looked like EWCM. Perhaps this is the Lupron messing around with my body. Yuck, yuck, yuck.