Monday, February 17, 2014

IVF #3 - Follie Scan #2

Five nights of stims behind me (1,400iu Follistim, 75iu Low Dose HCG, 145iu Lupron)... Here's the status:

Lining: 5.5, type 1
Right: 11 total (two 14-15, four 11-13, five under 10)
Left: 5 total (two 11-13, three under 10)
E2: 1,592
Prog: 0.8

Instructions: continue same dose tonight (250iu Follistim, 15iu Low Dose HCG, 5iu Lupron), return for more monitoring tomorrow

I'm feeling the beginning of the inevitable bloat. Injection sites are tender but no bruising. Tired and nauseous at times. Emotionally, I'm still shutting down any thoughts that go beyond ER. John tried to steer the conversation towards donor embryos yesterday... I don't know what his problem is!!! He seems to think that people out there are just aching to hand them out. I started to explain to him that is not the case, and then realized, hey wait a minute, we promised not to discuss this until after this cycle was concluded!! As soon as I called him out on it, he started laughing and backed down. Busted! LOL! He had to work this morning, but I have the day off. I found the fridge door wiiiiiiiide open ::head desk:: But he remembered to take his doxycycline this morning without any reminders, so we're letting him off the hook for that one! 


  1. Making progress! YAY! Hope the bloat isn't TOO bad this cycle! Everything crossed for you, as always! <3

    1. I suspect the bloat is gonna be outta control, lol! But that's alright. It will be worth it!!

  2. Replies
    1. yes, it is! Oh, gees, I haven't thought about how to survive the 5-6 days after ER... Yikes! Gonna have to deal with that soon!

  3. Things are looking good and really moving along now! I am rooting so hard for you this cycle!!! <3

    1. Thank you, love! Sending you all the sticker love I can!!