Saturday, August 30, 2014


29 days until Dr. KK Part II. 

Lots of my blood tests have already come in, and the results are posted on my patient portal. At first, it might as well have been in Greek or Chinese; I didn't understand a thing! But thanks to Twinkie and Dr. Google, I was able to get a basic understanding of the results. 

Lots of the tests came back normal, but when you're running 40 tests you're bound to find something abnormal in the mix. 

My Vitamin D is low. Hmm. Ok. A bit surprising in the summer and as an outdoor runner who is currently training for a marathon. But no big deal, I'd imagine that I'll just have to increase my dose through supplements. 

My CD3 results have one abnormalty. My IgG is slightly high. Dr. Google says this could be anemia... Alrighty then. 

I have a Protein S deficiency. This sounds like a blood clotting issue which could possibly explain the poor blood flow to my uterus. 

My ANA panel came back with a strong positive and a 'speckled pattern.' This is where Dr. Google could really cause you to lose your mind. I could be among the 15% who gets a positive and is perfectly healthy. It could be a false positive. Or I could be walking around with an undiagnosed autoimmune disease. I am choosing to put it out of my mind until I talk to a doctor. 

Finally, one of the results on my NK panel came back a little high. Again, no need to panic. Just gonna wait to hear what the doctor says. 

One thing is for sure: I'm really glad that I didn't cancel this appointment. I wanted to pull the plug and chicken out several times along the four month wait. I'm glad I didn't!


  1. I also was a little low on Vitamin D - was just another pill to pop. And my NK cells test had one show up off - so we added intralipid infusion to transfer day. I hope the others tests lead Dr KK to a good plan of action. And good luck with the rest of your marathon training!

    1. Thanks Katib... You know the drill: turn all the stones, pray the answer is there somewhere. Only time will tell... I've been thinking about you a lot and hope you are finding peace <3