Saturday, September 20, 2014


::tap tap tap:: Is this thing on??

So, yeah, I've been sorta MIA around here, and the last time I checked in wasn't exactly pretty. But things are better, and busier than ever now that we're back to school. I ran the marathon two weeks ago, and it was challenging but incredibly rewarding.

I feel like so much has happened, yet there's not really much to report. We are getting closer and closer to our follow-up with Dr. KK. 8 days to go!

I have been running a lot. And it has been so wonderful to have that back in my life. I have one more race to complete of my 9+1 and then I'll be guaranteed a spot in next year's NYC Marathon. Rachel & I set an aggressive yet reasonable goal for our next race: run the Staten Island Half Marathon in 1:53:00 on October 12th. This past week, I did a 5K time trial on the track (23:17!!) and a race pace run on Thursday (8:31, 8:28, 8:31). Tomorrow, we're going to go out and run 20 miles.

Why exactly am I running 20 miles when my marathon is behind me? Well, Rachel has a spot in this year's NYC Marathon... and it looks like I do too!! Things are still up in the air. I need to ask Dr. KK if running a marathon will have any impact on doing an IUI or IVF cycle (I have no clue what she'll recommend for us...). I also need to finalize the details with my friend who has the bib. Regardless, I told Rachel that I'd help her train, so that's what I'm going to do!

I went out shopping today and found a lamp and accent table to go in the new Reading Room along with my new chair. After our FET failed, John and I decided to clean out the bedroom that we'd been saving for a nursery. The mountain of stuff in there needed to go! So out it went, and we painted the walls purple. I ordered a beautiful gliding chair with a matching ottoman, and ever since it has been delivered last week I've been gliding to my heart's content. The lamp and accent table are perfect!! Much to my surprise, all this stuff is so fancy... the lamp has crystals... the table has mirrors... the chair and ottoman are white with a gray demask pattern. It's really not my style, but for some reason it just feels right for this very special room.


  1. Yay for single digits until Dr. KK!! I hope you guys get some good information and more importantly a plan going forward!

  2. Keeping everything crossed that you get a great plan from Dr. KK! Sending you lots of love! <3

  3. How ironic is it that before I came on here to see if you had updated that I was thinking in my head, "It's almost Dr. K TIME!" Ugh, I cannot wait to see you already. We're going to be giving each other big hugs like it's been months even though we saw each other last Saturday for Bas's 1st birthday party and then the marathon before that, but yeah, it's still not enough. Okay, let's hope tomorrow works out perfect and then Wed. and then Saturday!!! If I could, I'd see you every single day!!! HAHAHA