Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Angels <3

A friend and fellow IF bump buddy of mine inspired me to pick up a new cross stitch kit. I love counted cross stitch, and have made several pieces in the past. I could definitely use something to keep me busy (and my mind off of all the running I wish I were doing). 

I have a birth announcement kit with owls. I started it when I was feeling hopeful about IVF#3... I don't know if I can finish it for this baby or not. I have to think about it and see if it feels right. 

In the meantime, I ordered two kits that I will dedicate to all my angels... All the embryos who arrested and didn't make it to transfer (especially from IVF#2...), Frostie Ninja, and Angel Ninja. My heart hurts for them all every day... Especially our vanishing twin... I am so sad about what could have been. 

Here are the kits... Now it's just a matter of which one to start first :) I think I'll hang one in Ninja Squirrel's room, and the other in the Reading Room. Which one should I start first?? 


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